Alcohol consumption in the United States is one of the most common activities found at most social events. In the the year 2000 alone the alcohol industry spent 1.42 billion dollars in revenue on advertising.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for every public service announcement a teenager sees on television about the effects of drinking they see almost fifty advertisements toting the enjoyment of it's use. Taken in moderation most adults never have any complications from it's use.  For some however this is not the case.

Again according to the NHTSA 17,419 people were killed in 2002 due to alcohol related automobile crashes.  This number accounted for 41% of all the automobile related deaths in the United States for  that year.  As a part of our social structure the complications of the use of alcohol increases around holidays.  In fact the highest percentage of alcohol related automobile deaths are found around News Years and the 4th of July.  Both of these holidays are major symbolic social holidays in our country.  So it is not surprising that alcohol related problems increase at these times.  This is not the only area where excessive alcohol use causes problems.

The use of alcohol by a suspect in a domestic violence incident is the most common mitigating circumstance in these acts of violence. Research at Wake Forest University has shown a correlation between the use of as little as two drinks a day and the increase of  physical aggression by a person.  Another area of concern is underage drinking.  The use of alcohol by teenagers in this country is still a disturbing problem.  Statistically the median age for a person to start to use alcohol is 15.7 years of age.

For most people the use of alcohol is an enjoyable and relaxing time.  Most medical personnel  will tell you that used in moderation alcohol will not cause any major complications in your life.  For those that do not use moderation any of the above problems can come into play.  If you use alcohol use it responsibly and don't drink and drive.

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